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About Us

Modern Continuing Education Centre has become one of the pivotal post-secondary institutions in providing programmes related to Hospitality & Tourism in Hong Kong.


Besides, Business Management programmes of Modern Continuing Education Centre have been gaining popularity over the years due to their acceptance by the major employers in Hong Kong. Offering with a vocational approach, Modern Continuing Education Centre strives to equip students with a variety of pre-employment experiences, thus better preparing them for the increasingly diverse and competitive local employment market.


Both Hospitality & Tourism and Business Management programmes are validated by our partner UK universities as equivalent to a Year 2 of a UK degree programme. This allows  students who have successfully completed the programmes to directly enter into the Final Year of a UK degree programme.


Modern Continuing Education Centre is also a partner of Edexcel, UK and it offers BTEC Higher National Diploma (HND) programme in Hospitality & Tourism Management. For details, please refer to Courses. 

Vision & Mission

Modern Continuing Education Centre endeavours to become a leader in Asia in the integration of (a) teaching and learning, (b) advancement of knowledge base, and (c) leadership in service and outreach. Furthermore, the College strives to be a leading post-secondary educational institution in Asia in preparing students to become professionals, by means of exemplary education and practicum to sharpen the competitive edge of students in the  changing and complex global society.


The mission of Modern Continuing Education Centre is to help prepare students to become outstanding industrial practitioners, educators, scholars and researchers in Hong Kong through the provision of quality vocational oriented programmes.

Mission Related Key Goals

Goal 1-Cultivating the value of education among the less erudite groups.    

Goal 2-Ensuring that the learning needs of all the parties of both genders are met through equitable access to appropriate learning and life-skills programmes.


Goal 3-Improving all aspects of the quality of education and ensuring excellence of all so that recognised and measurable learning outcomes are achieved by all.


Goal 4-Helping students to understand the concept of learning for life, i.e., learning is not only to prepare them for exams and other academic assessments but also for real-life assessments.


Goal 5-Providing education that is being required by the global industries. 


Goal 6-Helping students to overcome obstacles in obtaining quality education by bringing courses to their doorstep as this helps to overcome expensiveness and visa issues involved with foreign travels, etc.

Global Coordination

The Mission and Vision are strategised to be achieves through Global Coordination. At the global, regional and national levels, Modern Continuing Education Centre is working towards deepening partnerships and alliances, building consensus and harmonising partners’ contribution and participation.

Partners in this coordinated effort include local and foreign education bodies, local and foreign governments, and local and international organisations.


We recognise and embrace the following values which are fundamental to our success:



We value integrity, freedom and creativity of individuals. We take calculated risks. We build teamwork through individual development and by synergistic use of their talents. We provide a caring environment in which students and staff pursue personal and institutional development.


We demand good performance and reward excellence in performance. We encourage innovation, practicality, entrepreneurship, and the pursuit of academic and management excellence.


We treasure the investment the community has made in us and strive to deliver quality results in a most cost-effective manner through a simple management structure, efficient processes, effective "checks-and-balances" and vigorous quality assurance mechanisms.


We, members of the institution, are partners in pursuing our shared vision. Together, we are partners of the community sharing common goals and valuing mutual benefits.


We uphold our commitment to quality and continuous improvement.


We believe in continuous review, assessment and modification of existing services and procedures.


We are willing to remain critically open-minded to new technological advances.

Orientation to Changes

We understand the importance of keeping abreast of changes in the wide socio-political system to identify opportunities and to improve and enhance our services through evaluating and planning for their likely impacts.


We provide innovative solutions to problems and issues in a timely and accurate manner.


We have clear and open lines of responsibility, accountability and management.

Best Practice Management

We pursue effective leadership, teamwork, support and trust. 

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