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Professional Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management


This programme is designed to provide both the technical skills required in the travel industry, together with instruction in the essential entrepreneurial and management functions.

Hospitality & Tourism industry is the fastest growing industry in the world. It has been estimated by the World Tourism Organisation that around one job in ten depends upon tourism, which includes holidaymakers and business visitors. It is only through organised and structured training that the industry can meet these expectations.

Therefore, this programme aims to provide students with a broad understanding of the operational aspects of the industry, together with knowledge of the basic principles which underpin the industry.

It is an ideal combination of vocational and academic studies making an interesting and varied programme and providing successful students with a good business qualification, sound career prospects and further education pathways at tertiary level.

Programme Structure


Module Code: HTP2102

Subject Title: Quality Driven Customer Service

Module Code: HTP2103

Subject Title: Hospitality Today:  An Introduction

Module Code: HTP2105

Subject Title: Aspects of Management Accounting Applicable to Hospitality Industry

Module Code: HTP2201

Subject Title: Managerial Practices for Managers

Module Code: HTP2208

Subject Title: The Relationship of Food and Society

Module Code: HTP2210

Subject Title: Techniques of Contract and Event Management

Module Code: HTP2213

Subject Title: Facilities Operations of Hospitality

Module Code: HTP2214

Subject Title: Techniques of Modern Financial Management

Module Code: HTP2215

Subject Title: Management of Information Technology

Module Code: HTP2241

Subject Title: Management of Food and Beverage Operations

Module Code: HTP2250

Subject Title: Supervision in the Hospitality

Module Code: HTP2270

Subject Title: Marketing in Hospitality Industry

Module Code: HTP2333

Subject Title: Managing Front Office Operations

Module Code: HTP2338

Subject Title: Managing Housekeeping Operations

Module Code: HTP2357

Subject Title: Managing Hospitality Human Resources

Module Code: HTP2428

Subject Title: International Hotel Development and Management

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