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Certificate in Python Program Trading

Course Brief Description

1. Esepcaially designed for practitioners in financial institutions, fund houses, brokerage firms
2. Starts from beginner level, no coding experience needed
3. Knowledge/Skills acquired after this course:
   - Obtain, handle, analysis financial big data
   - Advanced backtesting and optimization skill
   - Professional reporting and charting
   - Self-made database management
   - Self-made fully auto trading program
4. Target Audience:
   - Securities Analyst
   - Data Analyst
   - Financial Institution management level
   - Marketing Executive
   - Sales Manager

Course Features


1. Starts from beginner level, no coding experience needed
2. Up-to-date technique and tools, newest standard in industry
3. Three Parts of the course:

   3.1. Intro to Programming
   3.2. Data Analysis
   3.3. Financial Market Application
4. Following up:
   4.1 Basic Historical Data
   4.2 Code example

   4.3 Code review

Advanced Technology involved:


Program Trading
Strategy Backtesting & Optimization
Data Visuallization
Program Language: Python
Data Analysis: numpy, pandas, scipy
Web Scraping: beautifulsoup4, selenium, requests
Database: SQL
Data Visuallization: matplotlib, seaborn, plotty, mplfinance
Financial Data: yfinance, investpy, akshare
Technical Analysis: TA-Lib

Broker API: ibapi, futu-api

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